Cheat-Proof Your Marriage: Study Reveals What Couples Must Do To Stay Committed And Resist Infidelity

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 14, 04:00 am

Research suggests infidelity happens in over 15 percent of marriages. The number might be low for some but it's a significant cause for concern for others who worry how much temptations abound.

A new study, however, revealed proven ways couples can do to cheat-proof their marriage. Deseret News conducted the survey among 1,000 families who are religiously active or who practice a strong faith.

Some 62 percent of the couples surveyed said a simple touch from their partners goes a long way. They revealed they regularly kissed, hugged or held their partner's hands and showed their affection in non-sexual but physical gestures.

A pat, a hug, a squeeze of the hand is sometimes more powerful than words, author and Touch Research Institute expert Tiffany Field wrote in her 2001 book "Touch." It does wonders for baby's development and growth, so it can also do wonders for adults' mental and emotional wellness, as per Psychology Today.

At least three-quarters of the survey's respondents said they set boundaries for their marriage to resist temptations and stay committed to following these boundaries. Some 17 percent also said they make it a goal to talk about the relationship regularly.

Oftentimes, couples are muddled in other things like parenting or work that they forget about connecting with each other. Couples who check in on the status of their relationship from time to time create a healthy partnership, as per the American Psychological Association.

Couples in a long-term marriage succeed because they make their partnership the center of the family and not the kids. It's the philosophy author and parenting expert John Rosemond follow in his marriage, as per a previous Parent Herald report.

The respondents also said couples in a cheat-proof marriage prayed for their partner's well-being, aside from maintaining a strong personal relationship with God. Experts learned faith influenced marital faithfulness and nine out of 10 of the faithful were more likely to stay away from committing infidelity or adultery.

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