Tired Of Hearing Baseless Relationship Advice? Real People Give Most Realistic Comments On Love

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald April 17, 05:50 am

Many relationship advices sometimes do not feel like they are possible to do or follow, while others sound cliché. Fortunately, some Reddit users want to let other people know what are the best relationship advices they heard and how they made it work for them.

In a thread on Reddit, they posted a question that reads, "What's the best relationship advice you ever heard?" Thousands replied and some of the selected statements were tackled in this article.

One of the best relationship advices is confidence makes you a better person. Confidence in the sense that a person knows he or she will still be okay whether or not the other person likes him or her back.

Another Reddit user shared, "Don't go into a relationship expecting to be made happy. You have to be able to be happy on your own first." One more made it all the more realistic for people expecting too much from a relationship by saying that just because two people love each other, it does not mean they will be together forever.

A user also shared an advice from her mother who said that love is not enough because people in a relationship have to be committed even if at times the feel like they no longer love each other and cannot stand the sight one another. The user added that once two people are committed to make the relationship work, they will fulfill the promises they made and they will come out from the setbacks stronger.

As for arguments, a user with the handle Dummystupid said that no relationship is perfect as there will be conflicts, while another with a name bamber79 explained that the scenario should be you and your significant other versus the problem and not you versus your other half.

A psychologist named John Gottman once shared with Business Insider that the people who are in the best relationships are those who are gentle when it comes to approaching the problem and not letting their emotions run high and take over the situation. A man, on the other hand, shared that he and his wife set some rules in their relationship such as the 24-hour rule.

He added that they have to bring up the problem in 24 hours and if it passes that time, they can no longer talk about it. Many people in relationships tend to bring up a problem from the past once they have pent up emotions.

Understanding that people are different is also a key to a happy relationship. Listening is another way to make the other feel like you are interested in them and what are important for them, Independent reported.

Lastly, couples need to work in order to keep the spark and love alive. It is a cliché to say that there should be constant courtship throughout the relationship but this actually is the best thing to do in order to let the person's significant other feel loved and wanted for the betterment of the relationship in general. In a 2012 study, flirting in married couples is important.

What is the best relationship advice you've heard? Let us know in the comments below! Meanwhile, check out the video below about another Reddit topic that people talked about last year. 

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