Public Blames Parents Of 5-Year-Old Boy Who Died At Atlanta Rotating Restaurant

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 19, 04:00 am

Following the death of a 5-year-old boy at the Sun Dial, Atlanta's famous rotating restaurant, the public turned their ire on his parents. Police ruled Charlie Holt's death as an accident that others said could've been prevented had his mom or dad supervised him well.

The criticisms against Holt's parents trickled on social media where news of the boy's unfortunate death went viral, according to Scary Mommy. Commenters trooped to Huffington Post's Facebook page where there's a post of an account of the accident.

"I see it all the time, parents allowing little children to run free. It's not your home," one commenter said. "Supervision of your children is expected."

"I don't mean to blame the parents but they should always manage their kids," another commenter chimed. "Restaurants aren't playgrounds, they are places for dining."

The Holts from North Carolina visited Atlanta and dined at Sun Dial on Friday, April 14. The restaurant found on the Westin Hotel's 72nd floor rotated clockwise to give visitors and diners a view of the cityscape.

Police said the boy wandered around and ended up wedging himself between the walls as the floor rotation happened. "The Westin's security staff and employees were able to dislodge the child," the police said in a statement, as per People. "The child sustained critical injuries and later died at the hospital."

Operators said what happened to Charlie was a first since the Sun Dial opened in the '70s. Currently, Westin Hotel closed the rotating restaurant until further notice.

Meanwhile, the Holts released a statement to say their child was "the sweetest, most accepting, and lovable child," as per The Atlanta Chronicle. He was a curious boy with a "thirst for knowledge and adventure. "

The family said they established a memorial fund in his honor. The family also requested for peace and privacy as they mourn the passing of Charlie.

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