Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Two Years After Husband's Death: 'I Dread Father's Day'

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 25, 11:10 pm

Two years after the death of her husband, Dave Goldberg, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg released a book titled, "Option B," co-written with Wharton professor Adam Grant. In the book, the tech executive and activist chronicled how she was eaten up by grief as she lost her husband, to the point that she even dread Father's Day.

Sandberg's late husband died on May 2015 during a vacation in Mexico. Goldberg succumbed to cardiac arrhythmia and left two kids with his 47-year-old wife. Goldberg's death came so suddenly and it kept the entire family ridden in pain for a long while until Sandberg collected her strength and wrote a book titled, "Lean In."

Now, the mother, who recently released a new project that still revolved around the grief of losing a loved one, admitted that it still painful up to this day. In a Time interview, Sandberg said it pained her to have her kids get through Father's Day.

Sandberg also admitted that she knew how painful it was for her daughter to survive father-daughter dances, yet she can't do anything to ease her trauma. Losing a husband, she said it is harrowing enough for a wife, and more so for a widow who had to think of how to protect her children from such a great loss.

"And I'm heartbroken that I was not able to give my children the stability of growing up with two parents," Sandberg told Time. "That they lived through and still are living through something so traumatic so young."

The Facebook COO broke her silence after her husband's sheloshim, or 30 days after a person's death in Judaist practice. In a lengthy and heart-rending Facebook post, Sandberg commemorated her husband's beautiful life and how she struggled to face every single day with a burden ridden on to her.

Aside from her memoir, "Option B," Sandberg also launched a project tied to her book, per Refinery29. She established Option B Foundation that aimed to help people who are in the midst of tragic circumstances.

Option B Foundation, according to its official website, serves as a fortress for people who are experiencing grief and loss, illness and injury and even divorce and family issues. The foundation also raises awareness of how resilience is important in life across all aspects.

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