Teen Addiction: How This Indianapolis Special School Helps Teenagers Recover From Substance Abuse

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 27, 04:00 am

A special school in Indianapolis is giving hope for teen addicts. Aptly called Hope Academy, the high school is a tuition-free institution specializing in teens who want to recover from substance abuse.

Hope Academy is situated near Fairbanks Hospital where 40 students currently attend regular classes like Algebra, Biology or History, according to its official site. Since these kids also deal with substance abuse problems, such as opioid, marijuana or painkiller addiction and alcoholism, the recovery school also offers programs to help them become sober, drug-free and clean.

The school also conducts random drug tests and treatments through medication and counseling. The kids have a student council that holds special events for those who manage to achieve sobriety for above 30 days.

The establishment of Hope Academy is unique as most recovery treatment centers have little teen-centered programs, according to the Associated Press. Even if the kids' family finds a rehabilitation or treatment center, the self-help meetings and support groups mostly cater to adults.

Thus, teen addicts receive little help and motivation with such arrangements which impact their chances of a full recovery. In this special recovery school, however, teens find other teens in the same situation.

Aiden Thompson, 17, arrived in Hope Academy against his wishes. Following a week of classes and programs with specialists at Hope, however, Thompson said he can't imagine where he would be if it weren't for the school.

Specialists are not only helping these kids overcome their addiction but prepare them for a college education. Ian, 18, expects to graduate from Hope this school year and plans to take up veterinary medicine at Purdue University.

Sober for over a year, he said going to Hope was a personal choice. "Coming here gives you the opportunity to be held accountable and stay clean. It's just a great place to come and connect with others," he said, per Fox 59 News.

Teen addiction and substance abuse problems saw a decline in recent years, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The lowering numbers pushed recovery centers like Hope Academy to help even more to completely win the fight against drugs.

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