How To Make A Marriage Last? Married Individuals On Reddit Share Their Essentials In Maintaining One

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald May 01, 04:10 am
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These days, entering a marriage may be as easy as leaving one, and the harder part? It's staying put. It makes sense why the crux is not how to start nor end, but how to maintain in the midst of it.

With this, a bunch of Reddit users answered one of the most asked questions about married life — what makes a marriage last? Responses varied and Daily Mail reported a few, from open communication being a given tip down to giving space whenever it's needed.

One user suggests that a useful tip in maintaining a happy marriage is to intentionally give up in fights. Several Reddit users agree on the advice and add that it pays off to give up, even at the expense of not having a power at times.

It helps if one-half of the couple recedes to a conflict, but it's also worth noting that argument itself is a manifestation of a healthy relationship. Per Huffington Post, research shows that weekly bicker and banter is healthy for couples as long as it is just mild and isn't abusive.

Another thing that helps in keeping a blissful marriage is for them to be completely honest with each other. One Reddit user also notes that it goes as well for their significant other's appearance.

Honesty is an important part of life no matter how one looks at it. In relationships, it's one of the keys to making it long-lasting and according to a Pennsylvania State University site, honesty fosters trust, security, acceptance and change.

Others run down the basics. Some of the Reddit users say it all boils down to these three — love, trust, and respect.

Loving, trusting and respecting are easy concepts to understand, but hard to possess consistently, especially that no person is perfect. The same goes for any relationship. Nonetheless, it does not mean it's impossible to maintain these three essentials.

The pieces of advice are helpful but it's best to remember that every marriage is individual. Whatever works for some may not work for others.

Marriage is a series of trial and learning from errors. It may not be a walk in the park, but in time, couples will realize how worth it is to have a reliable partner for life.

What are your tips for maintaining a healthy and happy marriage? Share to us your thoughts by commenting below!


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