Pregnant Beyoncé Prepares For Birth, Rents Place Nearer Hospital

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald May 08, 04:00 am

A pregnant Beyoncé could be giving birth to her twins soon. New reports say the music icon moved in a rental home near the hospital in preparation for their arrival.

Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z plan on having the babies at Cedar Sinai in downtown Los Angeles. Beyoncé will likely undergo a scheduled C-section given the way the parents' plans are unveiling, according to Jezebel.

Sources said the celebrity mom wants a closer house to go home to and not a hotel after the birth. So, the Carters temporarily rented out a house near the hospital to avoid any more hassles.

Earlier, reports emerged Beyoncé and Jay Z were house-hunting in Los Angeles for some time, as per TMZ. With a growing family, the move to a new home could become a permanent decision.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé's mother Tina Knowles Lawson revealed she's excited about the twins' birth as well. During the Inaugural Wearable Art Gala, the 63-year-old grandmother can't help but gush and praise her eldest daughter.

Lawson said Beyoncé is a "really good mom" who has patience and kindness. She also said she's proud to see Beyoncé raising her first-born child, Blue Ivy, with the same values Lawson raised her kids.

Lawson said Beyoncé is teaching Blue Ivy that it's what's inside a person's heart that counts. "I see her passing it on, and it makes me really proud because that was my biggest lesson," the eager grandma said, as per Elle.

For Mother's Day on May 14, Lawson expects there won't be any celebrations with her daughters. Since Beyoncé is almost ready to pop, the grandmother said any plans with the girls will have to be put off until next year.

Beyoncé announced her second pregnancy in February after a year of trying to give Blue Ivy a sibling, as per Parent Herald. Beyoncé and Jay Z recently celebrated nine years of marriage.

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