Jessica Alba On Motherhood: 'Your World Gets Turned Completely Upside Down'

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald May 14, 07:45 pm

Jessica Alba took to social media to express her thoughts on motherhood and opened up on the challenges, joys, and heartache of being a mother of three.

Motherhood According To Jessica

Alba commemorated Mother's Day by sharing an adorable photo of herself with her three kids on her Instagram on Saturday, May 12. The actress is a mother to daughters Honor Marie, 9, and Haven Garner, 6, with husband Cash Warren. The couple also recently welcomed a baby boy to the family on Dec. 31.

She captioned the shot with a touching message about motherhood. She first opened up on the struggles that come with being a mother or a parent.

"Motherhood: it's a doozy, isn't it? Your world gets turned completely upside down," Alba wrote.

The 37-year-old actress talked about how motherhood turns the most mundane things into "the greatest luxuries." These include eating, sleeping, and sitting down to eat an actual meal. Alba then reflected on how being a mother has changed her and her perception of love. She said motherhood brings a certain kind of heartache.

"Little people change you. To love and need someone that much and have them love and need you just as's the best and hardest and most heartbreaking thing there is," Alba added.

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Cherish The Moments

The Honest Co. co-founder then reflected on how time flies by so fast because her eldest child is almost 10 years old. Alba admitted that it is a heartache knowing that she does not need her as much as she used to. The actress then reminded herself and other mothers out there about cherishing every moment with their children because time is so fleeting and they grow up so fast. Having this in mind is a reminder for her to be present and cherish "every messy moment," including "every tantrum, every tired cry."

Alba also opened up about being a perfectionist when she first became a mom. However, as time goes by she has learned to accept that motherhood can be challenging. The Fantastic Four star ended her Mother's Day post with a reminder that motherhood is not going to be perfect but applauded moms for doing an amazing job at it.

For Mother's Day, Alba celebrated the holiday with a slumber party with her daughters in their living room. She also took her son out for a walk and made sure to thank her husband for the bouquet of roses that he gave.

Aside from being a hands-on mom, Alba also makes sure to spend time with Warren. She said it is important for them to have some "us" time so she tries to get home from work early for bath time and to put the kids to bed. Then she sits down with him over dinner and they talk about their day.

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