Mom Uses Only Paper Plates For Every Meal At Home, And Her Reason Is Touching

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald May 15, 02:23 am

A mom learned the importance of using paper plates at home in a most unexpected way and shared her experience on social media.

A mom by the name of Annie recalled an encounter with a woman at the checkout line in Costco on her Facebook page Laugher and Kisses. In her post, Annie explained that the unidentified woman taught her the value of spending time with her children than with house chores through the use of paper plates.

Paper Plates To The Rescue

The woman happened to buy a massive amount of paper plates and the cashier politely asked if she was holding a graduation party or something. The mom revealed that she uses the plates at every meal. This way she would not have to spend so much time cleaning up the mess after. Instead, she spends the time with her kids.

"You see I have young kids, and I get stuck with meal clean up all the time. This is the one thing I treat myself to. I way rather be spending that time with my kids then doing the dishes," the mother told the cashier, who smiled politely as if she understood the struggles of motherhood.

More Family Time

Annie, on the other hand, knew exactly what the woman was saying. In her post titled "Lean into the paper," she revealed that she followed the woman's practice and bought paper plates herself. It happened when she found herself at Costco again and was trying to weigh the prices of dishwashing soaps. Then the woman's words came back to her and the next thing she knew, she loaded her cart with paper goods. The decision allowed her a few extra or maybe a lifetime of memories with her kids.

"Instead of stressing over getting the dishes loaded before bed time, I ran in the back yard with my kids chasing the soccer ball. We enjoyed roasted marshmallows by the fire instead of me scrubbing those plastic Paw Patrol plates," Annie wrote on Facebook.

Annie and the anonymous mother may have their own reasons for using paper plates during meals. However, the practice also has its disadvantage to the environment. Unless families have a composting system, then the plates only end up in landfills. It is also worthy to point out that paper does not easily rot and that it takes 20 years for them to decompose.

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