Jennifer Garner Sings (And Raps!) About Mom Problems In Music Video

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald May 21, 07:21 am

Jennifer Garner showcased her singing chops in a music video dedicated to all mothers where she sings and raps about the ups and downs of motherhood.

Garner rapped about the challenges of being a mom during her stint as a co-host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for its Mother's Day-themed episode. The actress first appeared as a guest where she talked about her love of being a mother. She then revealed that she made a music video to express her excitement and love as a mom since she cannot put it into words.

Motherhood Blues

After several back-and-forths whether to show the video to the audience or not, DeGeneres eventually played the clip, and it had everyone in the show laughing. The talk show host shared the video on her YouTube page on May 10, and it has since received over 152,000 views.

In the music video, the 46-year-old Alias actress starts on a positive note as she sings about the beauty of motherhood. Garner sings a lullaby about how "motherhood is a beautiful thing." She lip-syncs to some encouraging words about how it "fills your heart with joy and makes you wanna sing," all the while as she pretends to strum the guitar.

Then Garner throws the guitar to the side and raps about the brutal truths about being a new mother. She mentions the struggles and sacrifices that come with being a new mom.

"To all the pregnant ladies at the Ellen Show there's a few things that you should know," Garner sings before she raps about the pain that comes with the baby's birth.

Garner says giving birth is like squeezing out something the size of a watermelon. She cushions that there will be a lot of swelling and pain. She then takes mothers through the challenges of breastfeeding a newborn.

"Breastfeeding, it ain't simple. One false move, you've got a cracked nipple," Garner raps in the video.

Baby Duty

Motherhood also means lack of sleep since you are up all night and being groggy all day that moms just want to sip a bottle of chardonnay. Garner also raps about mothers "retaining more water than the Hoover Dam" and changing enough diapers to fill a moving van. She says that it does not matter whether mothers go to the doctor or the doula since it takes weeks after the baby's birth to heal the woman's "hoo-ha."

However, Garner also imparted a few good words to mothers. She assured that motherhood is not all that bad since moms get their bodies and lives back, and they form a close bond with their kids.

Garner shares three kids with ex-husband Ben Affleck. She has two daughters, 12-year old Violet and nine-year-old Seraphina. She also has a son, six-year-old Samuel.

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