For The Mother-To-Be Who Can't Sleep, These Pregnancy Pillows Are For You

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald May 29, 12:45 am

Expecting mothers often find it hard to sleep on their bellies or even on their sides as their belly grows bigger. Thankfully, there are pillows especially created to make sleeping comfortable for pregnant women.

Cozy Bump Pillow

Lying on the stomach is a breeze with the Cozy Bump maternity pillow, which is an OB/GYN and chiropractor-approved body pillow. The inflatable cushion allows pregnant women to lie on their stomach without the worry of endangering the life of their baby since it has a raised ring in the middle that can accommodate the baby bump. The adjustable ring allows mothers to modify its size to fit the bump.

The Cozy Bump maternity pillow, which looks like an air mattress, has a wide headrest, so a regular pillow may not be necessary. Its raised central bump claims to provide gentle pressure on the hips, which helps alleviate back pains commonly experienced by pregnant mothers. The product retails for $72.99 on Amazon and does not come with the air pump needed to inflate the pillow.

Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

The Queen Rose Pregnancy pillow's curved U-shape design provides allover comfort for pregnant women since it cradles the neck, torso, back, arms, belly, and legs. It is made of extra soft and dense filling. The pillow has a durable zipper cover that is removable and machine-washable. The item sells for $59 on Amazon.

Babymoov Mom And Baby Pillow

Another allover comfort for expectant moms is the Babymoov Mom and Baby pillow, which provides side, stomach, and back support. The pillow uses soft cotton fabric filled with microbeads instead of fluff, which mold to the body to support the back, side, and stomach.

The pillow's ergonomic design allows for other multiple uses. It can be used as a lumbar pillow, a cushion for the head or neck, or support when breastfeeding or bottle feeding the baby. The pillow has a removable cover that is machine-washable and interchangeable in different designs. The portable cushion makes it easy for mothers to carry it with them wherever they go.

"It has just the right amount of support for my belly as I sleep on the side these days and it's rounded shape hugs the shape of my belly. I love it so much I now use it for everything: backrest while sitting, between my legs, and as a footrest when I come home from work with swollen feet," one reviewer swears by the pillow's effectiveness.

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