Watch This Dad Take A Selfie Instead Of His Daughter's Graduation

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald June 22, 11:33 pm

In today's advanced technology, not everyone knows how to properly use the video record feature in mobile phones. Take for instance one dad who mistakenly takes a selfie instead of recording his daughter's graduation.

Proud Dad

Father's Day may be over but it is still not too late to look back at some of the videos of epic dad fails that have gone viral. In this particular video, one proud dad was at his daughter's graduation cheering her on. According to reports, the father intended to take a video of his child as she walks to the stage to receive her diploma.

However, in a hilarious mistake, the dad recorded his reaction instead as he watched his daughter. He took a selfie while he cheered for his kid.

The viral video starts with the camera pointing straight at the face of the clueless dad. He yells "woooh" as his daughter's name is called to the stage. The dad then saw his mistake when he looks at his phone. He pulls down his sunglasses to see the screen clearly against the glare of the sun and realizes the gaff.

"Oh s**t," he mutters and tries to get his phone to face the right way.

However, it was already too late. By this time, his daughter had already walked down from the stage and accepted her diploma.

"Yea, awesome," the dad says bemused.

Just For Laughs

The dad was not able to capture the precious moment. Instead of taking more videos, he just laughs off the situation and tells a few friends about his hilarious mistake.

"That was hysterical. I got it all on video, but I was filming on me. I did," the dad tells his friends who laughed with him.

Apparently, the father also seems unaware that he still continued to film himself talking to his friends. The recording is still turned on as he talks about his mistake.

"That was the best. This is the best," he laughs.

The dad may not have received plus points for the gaff but he certainly attracted online attention. His video has since become viral since it was shared on Facebook. The clip has even been turned into a hilarious meme. The father may have called himself a "numbskull" for the honest mistake, but he clearly also provided a helpful reminder to other parents about the intricacies of advanced technology.

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