2-Year-Old Boy In Sacramento Dies After He Was Left In Hot Car Outside His Home

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald July 10, 07:51 pm

Another tragedy involving hot cars happened in Sacramento after a 2-year-old boy was found dead inside a parked vehicle during an extremely hot weather.

Toddler Dies In Hot Car

According to reports, the car was parked across the street from the toddler's home in Sacramento, California on July 7. It was parked at the 9700 block of Everbloom Way.

The police reportedly received a 911 call after the child was found unresponsive and not breathing at 5:53 pm. No details were revealed as to the whereabouts of the boy's guardians or how long he was left in the hot car, .

"Detectives from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Child Abuse Bureau responded to the child's residence on Everbloom Way to begin their investigation, which is standard protocol in all death investigations involving children. Detectives have concluded the preliminary stages of their investigation and at this point, it is unknown how long the child was in the vehicle or exactly how the child came to be in the vehicle," Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Shaun Hampton said in a statement released on Monday.

Medics immediately performed CPR on the young victim. Staff from the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department also arrived at the scene and continued rendering first aid while the boy was taken to the hospital. Sadly, he was later pronounced dead.

It is believed that the 2-year-old victim died from heat-related causes, although authorities are still awaiting confirmation from the coroner's office. Sgt. Hampton told ABC News that the toddler's autopsy has yet to be completed.

Photos from the scene showed that someone left a window from one side of the car slightly open. However, the heat was probably too much to take for the young boy's body. Temperatures during that tragic day reportedly reached 98 degrees and stayed in the 90s until someone discovered the boy unresponsive.

 Another Hot Car-Related Death

The toddler's death is the 22nd hot car-related case in the U.S. this year. The numbers only seem to increase despite constant reminders and PSAs against leaving kids in the car under hot temperatures. Children are prone to getting hyperthermia or heatstroke because their body heats up faster than adults'. Their internal organs start to shut down after their body temperature reaches 104 degrees.

As for the case of the young boy, no further details about the tragedy have been released. The name of the toddler and the identity of his guardians have not been disclosed. The investigation is still ongoing and there have been no arrests made.

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