Couple 'Sells' Baby On Craigslist For $3K, Sold Elder Sister In The Past

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 10, 08:51 pm

The Tennessee-based couple allegedly sold their infant child on Craigslist. Apparently, the pair reportedly sold their first child on the buy-and-sell website, according to a witness summoned to the court.

The authorities nabbed Deanna Greer and John Cain last March for further inquiry and investigators confirmed that they were selling their five-month-old daughter. The infant reportedly had a price of $3,000, according to ABC13.

First preliminary hearing for the couple happened last Friday where agent Chris Wilhoit testified to the couple's inhumane act. Wilhold told the jury, "She said she had done this before. She had an 11-year-old daughter who was doing well, that she had given up in the past in this way."

The agent disguised as an interested buyer to the pair's unlikely offer. Wilhoit brought his mock wife along and agreed to meet at a variety store in March 24. The 37-year-old mom showed up with a document she touted as "guardianship paperwork."

Furthermore, Wilhoit recalled before the jury that Greer shared to her that she is pregnant. The mom also said that she did not expect her current pregnancy and she is ill with a tumor.

Despite the infant being posted for interest on Craigslist, the pair's defense attorney argued that the infant was not for sale but was up for adoption. One police officer, whom Greer had a conversation with through text messages, said that the deed can only be considered an adoption. Greer and Cain's asking price, according to them, were only the cost of expenses.

In the pair's Craigslist post, Greer and Cain did not specify their child as "for sale" and there was no proof of any intent to harm the child. This built a case for the couple.

Both accused are facing charges of criminal attempt to commit aggravated child abuse and neglect, or collectively known as violation to Haley's Law. Per Justia US Law, violation of this law can be considered as Class A felony, given that the infant is below eight years of age. The couple are each facing $150,000 fine for the alleged crime.


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