Children eating

Children who eat lunch score 18 percent higher in reading tests new ESMT Berlin study shows

The powerful connection between nutrition and education has been revealed by new research from ESMT Berlin. Primary school children who attended a public free lunch program over an extended period were shown to have significantly better learning outcomes. According to the study, children with up to five years of midday meals had reading test scores that are 18% higher than those of students with less than a year of school lunches. They also showed an improvement of 9% for math test scores.

by Staff Reporter

Boy reading the bible

Sociologists study the impact religion has on child development

Do children raised by religious parents have better social and psychological development than those raised in non-religious homes? In a new study, researchers found that religion can be a mixed blessing for children as they get older.

by Staff Reporter

Prince & Knight

Children's Book 'Prince & Knight' Aims To Represent Kids With LGBTQ+ Parents And Their Families

'Prince & Knight' by author Daniel Haack is a book that has an LGBTQ representation. It tells the story of a prince who found his true love from a knight rather than from a beautiful maiden.

by Tanya Diente

Las Vegas bus crash

16 Kids In Hospital After School Bus Crashes; Driver And Another Motorist Killed

Sixteen kids got injured from a car crash in Las Vegas that left the driver and another motorist dead.

by Claire Parker

First, The Healthy Lunches Then The Girls' Education? Michelle Obama Subtly Responds To Trump Abandoning 'Let Girls Learn' Campaign

Michelle Obama Subtly Responds To Trump Abandoning 'Let Girls Learn' Campaign

Following the news that the Trump administration would dissolve "Let Girls Learn" campaign, former First Lady Michelle Obama said that she and his husband will continue to champion girls' education.

by Olivia Etienne

Mystery illness

Health Experts Rule Out Ebola As New Mystery Illness Breaks Out In Liberia And Kills 11

Eleven people died in Liberia due to an illness that remained unidentified.

by Claire Parker

Childhood obesity

Trump Official Cancels Former First Lady Michelle Obama's Plan On Fighting Childhood Obesity

Former First Lady Michelle Obama fought childhood obesity by changing the menu of school lunches but that was canceled by a Trump official.

by Claire Parker

American Children Opt to Consume Fries As their Vegetable Consumption

Majority Of American Kids Rely On French Fries For Their Source Of Vegetables

Kids are getting unhealthier as the years progressed as they refuse to have their daily vegetable intake.

by Abbie Kraft

Salma Hayek's Daughter Sells Slime

Salma Hayek's Daughter Valentina Shows Sharp Business Sense Just Like Her Parents [VIDEO]

Valentina Hayek Pinault impressed mom Salma Hayek because she made something bigger out of her slime-making hobby.

by Amanda Moore

Billy Caldwell Is The First Child To Receive Medical Marijuana in Britain.

11-Year-Old Boy Receives Medical Marijuana As Epilepsy Treatment In Great Britain

A mother of an 11-year-old boy opted to use medical marijuana for her son's epilepsy treatment.

by Abbie Kraft

Sibling Death

Sibling Death: Kids Grieving Dead Siblings Increase Their Risk For Early Death, Study Says

Children who lose a brother or sister suffer immense grief that could likely increase their risk of early death as well.

by Amanda Moore

Nebraska Lawmakers Fail To Push Bill Allowing Physical Force Against Violent Students

Nebraska Lawmakers Fail To Push Bill Allowing Physical Force Against Violent Students

Senator Mike Groene proposed the bill allowing school authorities to use physical restraint or removal from class against disruptive students, yet support for the provision lacked.

by Olivia Etienne

12-Year-Boy Loves Makeup And Singing

Boy Wearing Makeup Inspires; 12-Year-Old Reuben De Maid Reveals What Being Bullied Taught Him

Reuben De Maid, 12, impressed Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres for both his singing talent and his love for makeup.

by Amanda Moore

Sexual predators pose as famous characters and celebrities to lure innocent fans.

Experts Warn Parents As Fake Celebrity Accounts Are Made To Target Children

Authorities raised the alarm for parents as sexual assault predators linger online using different aliases.

by Abbie Kraft

Social media sites are becoming a platform for live steaming heinous crimes.

The Looming Dangers Of Live Streaming On Social Media

Live stream on social media negatively impacts a child's mental health.

by Abbie Kraft


San Diego Jury Favors Petco Animal Supplies Over 10-Year-Old Boy's Death From Rat-Bite Fever

A San Diego jury favored the Petco Animal Supplies over the death of a 10-year-old boy who died from a rat bite.

by Claire Parker

Child fatally crushed after getting trapped in rotating restaurant

Public Blames Parents Of 5-Year-Old Boy Who Died At Atlanta Rotating Restaurant

Charlie Holt, 5, wandered away from his family when the floor of the famous restaurant rotated. He got caught between the walls and sustained serious injuries.

by Amanda Moore

What parents need to teach their kids about opiates

What Parents Need To Know About Discussing Opioid With Kids

Parents should take time when it comes to explaining opiates to their kids.

by Abbie Kraft

Flu Season

Triad Hospitals Lift Visitation Restriction For Kids Under 12 Following Flu Outbreak

Triad hospitals restricted those who could visit hospitals by not letting in children below 12-years-old because of the increasing number of flu cases.

by Claire Parker

Developing Passion In Kids

Developing Passion In Kids: Experts Say It Begins In Middle School; Here's How Parents Can Help Ignite That Fire

Finding passion is a process of self-discovery and parents can boost this interest once children reach middle school-age. Experts, however, advise against over-meddling.

by Amanda Moore

North Park Elementary School

School Shooting Leads To New Security Measures Despite Officials' Claim Children's Safety Is Not An Issue

After the San Bernardino school shooting, they increased security measures in the area.

by Claire Parker

Jumana Nagarwala

What Is Female Genital Mutilation? Michigan Doctor Faces Charges For Performing Banned Act On Several Girls

A Michigan doctor was charged after she reportedly performed female genital mutilation on several girls.

by Claire Parker

8-Year-Old Sneaks Family Van; Drives To McDonald's With Younger Sister For Cheeseburger

8-Year-Old Sneaks Family Van, Drives To McDonald's With Younger Sister For Cheeseburger

The gradeschooler based in Ohio reached McDonald's safely with his four-year-old passenger, and admitted he learned how to drive by watching YouTube videos.

by Olivia Etienne

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