Parenting And Divorce: How The End Of A Marriage Makes These Moms Or Dads Better Parents

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 29, 04:00 am

The end of a marriage isn't the end of the world. Despite the pain and sadness of a divorce, ex-couples with children have to face a new life with renewed commitment, this time solely on their children. In fact, divorce actually makes better parents out of moms and dads and here's how some did it.

Steph Montgomery wrote via Romper that since his divorce he learned to become better at handling conflicts and compromises. Since he co-parents with his ex, he learned to find solutions by focusing on the kids and not on his issues with his ex.

With this mindset, Montgomery avoided arguments because they have boundaries. They were also able to come up with a "parenting plan" as all of their energy and focus as parents go to the kids.

Some divorce forced individuals to evaluate their finances and sometimes this entails sacrifices. For divorced mom Laura Lifshitz, it helped her teach her daughter about the value of money early on in life, which she would've otherwise disregarded in a two-parent household.

"Is it sad she's learning it through a divorce?" the mom asked and evaluated herself, as per Huffington Post. "Yes," she acknowledged, adding, "But these lessons are so valuable nonetheless."

For Thomas Matlack, divorce became a motivation and a tool for hands-on learning about his kids. He admitted, via New York Times, he was an absentee dad pre-divorce. Because he wanted a relationship with his children, he also moved to the same city where their mom brought them after they split up. He stepped up to the plate whenever it was his turn to have his kids at his home.

Mom Jenny Erikson said she stuck for a while in a dead marriage believing it's right for her daughter, as per Café Mom. She realized her daughter was happier after she filed for divorce because Erikson no longer had hang-ups about being in a bad marriage. She was able to focus on herself and her child when her marriage ended.

What do you think of these parents' experiences? We'd love to hear your thoughts about divorce and parenting in the comments!

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