Relationship Tip: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Explains Why It's Best To 'Marry The Nerds'

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald May 07, 04:00 am

Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, has one marriage advice for people looking to have a long lasting relationship. The mom-of-two kids and one of the most powerful women in the tech industry recently launched a book on women empowerment, "Option B," where she talked about work and relationship choices.

In an exclusive interview via Financial Times, Sandberg admitted she dated "bad guys" before meeting the man she would marry and have kids with, Dave Goldberg. Her husband, who died suddenly two years ago to cardiac arrhythmia, was also the head of a tech company SurveyMonkey before his death.

"Marry the nerds and the good guys," Sandberg said. She said it's these types of guys "who want an equal relationship" thus, women will find them a partner who would be supportive of their careers.

Sandberg also said this subject of having a career while married should be broached early on in the couple's dating phase. Sandberg reasoned if a guy gets offended by such an idea, then the woman won't probably continue dating him.

Sandberg knew what she spoke of about marrying the "good guy." She wouldn't be a successful working mom if not for her supportive husband who was her strongest advocate as a wife, mom and COO.

"He was the first person to show me the internet, the kind of friend who shows up to help you move apartments, and always made me feel like I was home no matter where I was," Sandberg said of her husband in 2015, as per CNN Money. She also described him as a devoted father who took care of the baby while she recovered from a difficult pregnancy, or later when she needed to work late nights.

Sandberg would've celebrated 13 years of marriage to Goldberg this year. "I miss him. I miss him all the time," she said, as per USA Today.

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