How Moms On Instagram Hide Stretch Marks And Loose Skin Explained By Fitness Influencer

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald May 21, 07:26 am

Mothers often worry about their body's postpartum imperfections and look up to social media for some inspiration on how to hide them. However, not everything you see online is real, and fitness influencer Laysa Neto has photos to prove it.

Poster Moms

Sexy, fit, toned, and beautiful moms are becoming the go-to inspiration for mothers out there looking to shed off some of their postpartum weight. Moms often worry about the imperfections that come with pregnancy, especially after the baby's birth. Those who want to get back in shape and back to their sexy self before the pregnancy often look for inspiration online. They marvel at photos of mothers who still look sexy and fit only months after giving birth. Often times, they envy these mothers.

However, Neto advised mothers not to fret and look up to poster moms on social media for inspiration. Instead, she revealed the harsh truth that these parents do in order to flawlessly show that perfect physique in their social media photos.

The Perfect Pose

The fitness influencer said that it all comes down to one thing: perfect poses. Neto mentioned that there are certain poses that give that slim look. She said it is easy to present a sculpted abdomen in pictures as long as you know the perfect pose.

To prove her point, the mother-of-two shared three images of herself on Instagram. The first snap shows her in her most comfortable position. She is technically not posing in the first image.

"I am relaxed, completely relaxed not even pushing out or anything," she explained.

In the second photo, she shows her "sags" and loose skin from having two kids. In the third image, Neto is literally not breathing as she flexes her tummy hard to show some abs.

The 28-year old also shared several other photos to prove that posing is the key to tricking people online to believe that you have a perfect body. It takes the proper pose to show you have great buttocks or a toned abdomen.

"Angles are everything, lighting is everything, POSING.. gosh the posing even the type of leggings babe.. high waisted .. low waisted... The ENDLESS possibilities babes. So don't be hard on yourself!!" she wrote.

Neto explained that she shared her photos to remind other women not to believe everything they see on social media. She wants to help motivate them to love their body despite their loose skin, stretch marks, or belly flab. They don't have to follow Kourtney or Kim Kardashian and aim hard for that perfect body.

"It may not show in every picture but it's there... It's about accepting your body and knowing what it went through and loving your body at any stage," Neto tells Health.

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