Nicole Phelps Criticized Over Pumping Breast Milk At Michael's Gala, And She's Got The Perfect Response

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald May 25, 08:35 am

Nicole Phelps has the perfect response to internet trolls who criticized her for pumping breastmilk for her baby during her husband Michael Phelps' benefit gala on May 20.

Nicole's Reason

Nicole, Miss California 2010, did not hesitate to express her mind and respond to the backlash she received after she shared her experience on her Instagram Story. The American model explained why she sneaked a breastpumping session during the Michael Phelps Foundation dinner, and her reason is very much relatable to mothers.

The 32-year-old revealed that it was the longest that her three-month-old son Beckett had gone without being breastfed since he was born. Nicole explained that the only way her baby could be fed while she attended the gala was to use a milk runner. She added that Beckett often needs to be fed, so she stepped away from the dinner to take a moment to pump hands-free. Nicole said she was thankful that she could do so with her back to the room where the dinner was taking place.

Nicole acknowledged that some might not agree with her choice of venue to breastpump. However, she reasoned that some might even find it worse or offensive if she chose to sit there and breastfed Beckett. Nicole knew she would be judged for feeding her baby then and there.

Breastfeeding Is A Gift

However, the mom-of-two pointed out that motherhood is the most incredible experience, and to be "able to breastfeed is a gift." The former Miss USA contender reasoned that mothers should not have to hide in a bathroom to feed their baby. She said that mothers should not be ashamed to feed their baby in public.

"We should be able to, without judgment nurse/pump (easier with a wireless pump) anywhere we're comfortable... bc we all know you're not going to 'let down' if you're not relaxed!!" Nicole reasoned.

Nicole's post comes after netizens criticized her for pumping breastmilk at her husband's gala. The comments varied from "disgusting" to "ignorant." Some said it was completely inappropriate while others thought she was being rude and should have pumped in another room. Another commented that Nicole had no respect for anyone, while one netizen called it "ridiculous" that people nowadays do sacred things, such as breastfeeding, in public.

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