Parents, Take Note: 'Incredibles 2' Uses A Lot Of Strobe Lights

By Tanya Diente, Parent Herald June 18, 01:20 am

A concerned citizen is asking all movie houses showing Incredibles 2 to include a strobe-light warning because some scenes in the film may be harmful to people with epilepsy.

Health Risks Of Strobe Lights

Veronica Lewis, a blogger who goes by the name @veron4ic, started the warning thread in a series of tweets. In a spoiler-free post, she revealed that the sequel contains scenes involving strobe or flashing lights that could be harmful to people suffering from photosensitive epilepsy and other chronic illnesses. Likewise, the lights may also affect those who suffer from migraines, flicker vertigo, ADHD, autism, PTSD, seizure conditions, and vision impairment.

Lewis cited the film's villain uses rapidly flashing lights to disorient people. One scene that involves the continuous strobe light lasts over one minute while the others last from five to 30 seconds. The scenes with the strobe lights are also found anywhere in the film. Lewis revealed that they often come without warning. She said her descriptive audio device alerted her about the bigger scenes. However, the light strobe lights appear out of nowhere for no reason.

Strobe-Light Warning

The health advocate clarified that she is not calling for a boycott of Incredibles 2 or for theaters to change the movie. She even praised the film for being "very well done" and acknowledged that the strobe lights are important to the plot in the story. 

However, Lewis is asking Disney/Pixar and theaters showing the movie to issue a warning about the strobe lights for viewers. She pointed out that even video games, some music videos, theme park attractions, live concerts, and even electronic products provide strobe-light warnings and its adverse effects and potential health risk for people suffering from seizures. Lewis is asking for the same warning from a movie aimed at kids, which she said can help parents make the appropriate decision involving their kids' health and safety. It also benefits those suffering from chronic illnesses since they are made aware of potential triggers.

Disney has made the appropriate action in response to Lewis' health alert and asked theaters showing Incredibles 2 to issue a strobe-light warning for viewers. Movie houses posted the warning sign on ticket windows. Lewis thanked Disney and Pixar for the swift response and thanked other people for helping spread her warning. She said her goal of having signs posted in movie theaters has been reached.  

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